Casino Bonus

Casino Bonus

Every player that frequents online gaming providers knows that a Casino Bonus is something offered by any casino worth their salt. Always competitive, the casinos have to stay vigilant and offer increasingly desirable incentives for their players, old and new. As the competing casinos improve their game and start offering a new casino bonus, so must every other casino if they hope to remain attractive and have players investing and betting their hard-earned currency. The bonuses and amounts can vary between different online casinos, and the most popular include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, loyalty incentives and the like.

Benefits of a casino bonus

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t like free things? Whenever we’re offered presents and prizes, we jitter with excitement! The casinos know this, so they do well to always devise a newer and more attractive online casino bonus, time after time. The good news for the players is that literally every major (and minor!) casino has promotions and programs for their players to feel welcome and enjoy their stay. The offers vary, but they generally include such things as free spins at some of the favourite slot machines, time-limited promotions for events such as International Women’s Day, Easter or Christmas, daily rewards up for grabs every day you log in, cashbacks once you collect enough points, and more. The best part is you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary, you get rewarded just for logging in and playing!

Loyalty programs

The deposit bonus is the bread and butter of every casino that knows how to operate with their players in mind. What this entails is an additional amount of money added to your balance the first few times you make a deposit from your new account. Casinos have systems in place to check for abuse of this rule, so don’t create new accounts to exploit these bonuses. All new players get the chance to usually double (or more!) their first deposit. Sometimes the casinos extend this to the second and third deposits too. The one drawback is that this amount is usually subject to a wagering requirement, which means you have to spin the bonus a certain amount of times (usually in the range of 40x) before you can withdraw your winnings.

Free spins

Yet another staple of online casinos is the Free Spin Bonus, awarded to players when they meet certain conditions. Usually, the first few deposits also get a nice complimentary round of free spins in one of the sanctioned video slots (you can’t spend them on any slot you want). This is usually not the only way to get free spins, as they are awarded through loyalty programs, periodic promotions, daily challenges, point-based rewards systems, and more. What we do know is that it feels awesome when you get free spins and win big while using these exact bonus rounds. A big win with a zero investment? Sign us up! Casinos really do know how to keep their players spinning and enjoying the endless exciting slot games.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Players who like to wager with real money know how important it is for a casino to offer a hefty and attractive casino bonus. In the fierce competition of the gaming industry, few casinos come out on top, and the rest must up the ante if they’re to stay relevant.

This is why time and time again casinos come up with ways to appeal to players, one of the most obvious of which is coming up with a new casino bonus to attract attention. Everybody likes free things and casinos are happy to oblige, including all sorts of exciting offers for their new and already loyal players.

What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

Is there a better way to say “Welcome” than by offering your complete hospitality and nice welcome presents? Casinos know this and tailor their online casino bonus offers to fit the ever-demanding bill of the players. These bonuses include (but are not limited to) deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses, which are up for grabs for players signing up an account for the first time.

The no-deposit bonuses, like the name suggest, are awarded to players upon registration, without the need to deposit funds. The other, more generous bonuses, are the deposit bonuses which add a substantial percentage of your deposit as a bonus to your balance. The only drawback is that these bonuses have to be wagered a minimum number of times (usually 15-45) before you can make a withdrawal.

What to look for?

It’s easy to spot the deposit bonus options as the casinos like to boast and brag about the quality of their particular offer. Just hop on to the online casino of your choice, and their offer will generally be right on the landing page somewhere. If not, you can visit the About page, FAQ or Promotions page to find the deposit bonuses the casino offers. Usually, the several first deposits are matched by the casino.

For example, the first one usually gets a 100% bonus (up to a certain amount), the second a 50% bonus (up to an even greater amount) and the third a 35% bonus (up to an even greater amount than last time). This is done to incentivize players to deposit larger sums at once and reward them for their business.

How to claim a welcome bonus

It’s relatively easy to claim a welcome bonus at the casino of your choice. You just need to be over 18 (sorry young folks, gambling is a serious deal available to adults only), register a new account (only one per player, under penalty of being banned if you exploit this rule) and the welcome bonus is yours!

The usual welcome bonuses include the deposit being matched by the casino, a free spin bonus, or a no deposit starting sum to get a feeling of how spending at the casino works. The better casinos also boast loyalty programs and points or tracks based systems which reward you for coming back and playing time after time, as well as time-limited promotions and daily challenges. Choose your preferred casino, register and start spinning!

Online Casino Deposit Bonus

Every player looking to join an online casino and spin some reels, or maybe play some baccarat or blackjack, will have an arduous task ahead of them. The astonishingly high number of casinos available online makes it difficult to pick your favourite. This is why many sites decide to introduce a special casino bonus for their players, both old and new. As the market is competitive, oftentimes a casino will add a new casino bonus when they feel they could step up their game and attract new players and keep their existing players active and engaged. Check what each casino offers before picking your new gaming site!

What is a deposit bonus?

When we’re talking about an online casino bonus, what we could mean is one of several different offers casinos make to keep their players interested. The most interesting, of course, is the online casino deposit bonus at all the different sites since this bonus is meant to create a call to action for players to make an account at that specific casino and start (and even more importantly, keep) playing there. This is why the deposit bonuses can be pretty generous, even though the bonus amount is subject to a wagering requirement, which means you have to play with the bonus funds a set amount of times (usually in the ballpark of 35-45) before you can cash out. Consider your options carefully and pick the best-looking one!

How Does a Deposit Bonus Work?

A casino’s deposit bonus, as we’ve already stated, is the bread and butter of the sites in terms of attracting new players. It’s awarded to players who create an account for the first time and decide to invest real money in their account. The first couple of deposits are supplemented by the deposit bonuses the casino offers.

Most commonly, the casino will add a percentage of the amount you’ve staked to your balance. So for example, if the bonus entails a 100% addition of up to £200 and you invest £300, you’ll get £500 (300 + 200) added to your account. Deposit bonuses are usually supplemented by free spin bonuses as well, and you’re offered bonus spins at some of the favorite slot games of the particular casino when you make your first few deposits.

Deposit Bonus Campaigns

Casinos often offer various promotions, sometimes linked to certain dates or holidays, where you can get some freebies for logging on and playing. Another thing that can be seen on the casinos’ repertoire is the loyalty-based programs, which reward players for continuing to play at the same casino.

Usually, some points are awarded per pound spent, or the amount of spins you undertake is tracked (or some other system which tracks your loyalty is employed), and you get various bonuses that can include a free spin bonus, cashback bonuses, cash spins, prizes and the like. Casinos really do know how to make their offer exciting and engaging to be able to keep that competitive edge in the overcrowded gaming industry of today. Find your favorite!

Online Casino Sign-up Bonus

The best thing about playing online casino games (after the big wins and jackpots, of course!) is the various bonuses every casino offers. A casino bonus is, basically, a freebie of some sort (cashback, free spin, added money to deposit) which the casino uses to incentivize players. As there is a myriad of casinos online, and new ones are appearing constantly, the competition is fierce and every casino offers many new casino bonus options regularly, just to stay in the game! What this means for players is that they can rest assured that whichever casino they intend to give their business to will offer a nice bonus, or probably even several of them, to its loyal customers.

What is a Sign-up Bonus?

A staple of the online gaming sites is the online casino bonus awarded to players upon registration of their new account. This is the sign-up bonus, and usually doesn’t require any deposit from the player, opening the account is enough to grant the gift. Another feature is the deposit bonus, which usually entails a percentage of the amount deposited (anywhere from 50% to 200%, normally) added to the account balance of the new player. Often times the casinos will extend this bonus to both the second and third deposits, sometimes even more, and will add tens of free spins as an added bonus to boot. The one drawback of these bonuses is they are usually restricted under a wagering requirement, which means you have to spin the amount for a certain amount of times (usually around 30-40 times) to be able to make a withdrawal.

How Does a Sign-up Bonus Work?

The sign-up bonus is the feature which casinos intend to use to attract new players. This is why it’s offered only to new players registering an account for the first time (casinos have a strict policy in place to keep players from abusing these bonuses, and if you’re caught trying to exploit the bonuses with multiple accounts you will get banned from the casino).

The only thing you need to do to get the bonus is to create an account, and voila! The deposit bonus, on the other hand, gets activated when you first deposit funds into your account. Everything is explained in detail on the site of any particular casino you’re interested in, so make sure to read through the promotions and offers before making your decision.

How Many Sign-up Bonuses Can I Claim?

As we’ve already stated, sign-up bonuses are a one-time offer at any one particular casino, but you can claim sign-up bonuses at all the different casinos if you make accounts at each of them (we do not recommend this, however, as it is probably best to restrict your gaming to one, or a few respectable casinos whose way of operation you trust and enjoy).

However, every casino has their own different regular promotions and bonuses up for grabs, such as a free spin bonus, loyalty programs, cashback options and more, so there’s plenty to be gained even if you can only benefit from the sign-up bonus once. For example, some casinos have a points-based system where each unit of currency invested awards you with a point. Gather a bunch of points and spend them on different free spins, cashbacks or other options.

Online Casino Free Spins

When people are looking to sign up with an online casino, a new casino bonus always gets plenty of research. With a casino bonus, you get extra ways to rake in wins if you take advantage of them at reputable casino sites. There are many different bonuses available, and perhaps the best-known one is the free spins you get when you make a deposit.

You’ll want to understand how these bonuses work because some have wagering requirements that first have to be met before you can claim your bonus. Getting casino free spins is easy to do, and all that is required is for you to open an account with an online casino, and once the account has been verified, the casino then allocates a certain amount of casino free spins to your account to be played over a certain time.

What is a free spin bonus?

One of the perks of signing up with- and playing online casino games is that you’re able to benefit from a number of promotional deals. You’re able to play and win money at the expense of the online casino. With an online casino bonus such as free spins, when it comes to a no deposit free spins bonus, the player won’t have to first deposit before making use of the bonus.

There are, however, wagering requirements required by the player where they must first make a deposit before they are able to withdraw any wins which come from the free spins bonus. Players should always understand these wagering conditions before accepting a free spins bonus. Another perk with these free spins is that players get to know the online games while using these free spins.

How Do Free Spins Work?

These free spins are awarded to players by means of promotions, allowing players to spin slots with no risk involved and to keep all the winnings you make. The value of these free spins varies according to the promotion. With free spins, sometimes you have to deposit money before getting them but then again, you also get free spins with no deposit.

To get free spins, you have to make a deposit first but with a no deposit bonus, you don’t make a deposit, with some casinos offering them as part of the welcome bonus. The best option with free spins is to look for those casinos that don’t have wagering requirements and who allow you to instantly withdraw any winnings you get from their free spins.

Exclusive Free Spins

With a free spin bonus, the whole idea with them is for the casino to attract new players and to encourage seasoned players to stay with them. Often these free spins are given on certain games, and this is the way the casino promotes a certain slot game. So these free spins turn out to be an excellent method to try out new slots.

The free games are also given as a reward to keep the existing players, and a casino may do this once a week or they add free spins once a month. Then again some casino free games are part of a special casino slots promo. All that you do to benefit from the free spins is to first register an account with a registered online casino.

Casino Bonus Wagering

One of the best things that come with online gaming is getting a casino bonus. There are many types of bonuses: they could be a welcome bonus, a loyalty points bonus, cash back bonus, promotions for bonuses at specific games or a new casino bonus to allow players a test run. The most common type of bonus is the welcome offer. Normally, the offer is usually a package. This could be a bonus which matches a certain percentage of the deposit or a specific number of Free Spins. The cash back bonus is common in casinos where the players are given back a certain percentage of the losses they suffered in a specified amount of time.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Some bonuses are very open and will usually not require you to do anything to cash out the wins. However, more often than not an online casino bonus will have a wagering requirement. This means that a player would have to spin the bonus amount a certain number of times inside the casino before they can make a withdrawal. Usually, this amount is somewhere in the range of 20 to 50 times. More generous casinos have wagering requirements closer to 20, whereas the stingier ones could go as high as 50, rarely more.

The best bonuses are those which do not require being wagered, and these are rarely awarded, but when they are, they’re a welcome sight indeed. Try to find a casino which offers these!

What are Wagering Requirments

A wagering requirement is the casino’s way of making sure players don’t exploit the casino’s generosity. If you make a deposit and get a bonus in the amount of the entirety of your deposit, but are not required to wager a certain amount of times, you could easily just withdraw the money to the expense of the casino. This does not constitute gaming and is surely an exploitation of the casino’s hospitality. To make sure you actually play at the casino with the deposit bonus you’re given, the wagering requirement is set into place. Think of it as a silent agreement between you and the casino that nobody will try to trick the other into losing unnecessary money. It’s not that difficult to spin the required number of times!

Can I Withdraw?

As we’ve already made clear, you’re welcome to withdraw once you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirement. Some bonuses don’t even have a wagering requirement, like some free spin bonus options, and you can cash those winnings out straight away, but usually the case is that the casino requires you to adhere to fair play rules and play with the bonus you’re offered a certain amount of times before you’re ready to withdraw.

It is a hassle sometimes, but it is necessary to make sure players respect and abide by the rules of the casino, otherwise malevolent persons could exploit these bonuses to benefit their own selfish agenda. Be it as is, you won’t even feel the time’s gone by and the requirement has been fulfilled as you get drawn in the exciting games of online casino slots!

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